About Arty Trost

Professional Speaker, Ultralight Adventurer

Arty Trost

Risk taking comes in many forms. Regardless of the risks you face in your personal and professional life, you must deal with the accompanying fears.

As the only female long-distance ultralight pilot in the United States, Arty Trost knows about dealing with risk, fear, and perceived limits. Ultralight aircraft are often called "lawnchairs with wings and a chainsaw engine". For almost two decades Arty has pushed the perceived limits of ultralight flying. She has flown ultralights throughout the United States as well as overseas - in South Korea, Israel, Puerto Rico and Italy. Arty and her ultralight adventures were featured on National Public Radio in August, 2003. Stories about her long distance flights have been published in newspapers and several national magazines.

Arty has been keeping audiences enthralled for over 25 years. She is known for the high level of energy and enthusiasm she brings to her work, as well as her ability to stimulate and motivate participants. Her extensive consulting experience provides an additional rich resource for participants. Her clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to public agencies to small grass-roots community organizations. Arty has presented workshops, seminars and institutes throughout the United States, as well as keynoting national, regional and state conferences. In 1989 she was honored by an invitation to become a member of the internationally renowned NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. When she's not working or flying her ultralight, Arty spends her time with her husband on their "Old MacDonald’s Farm" on the west slopes of Mt. Hood in Oregon.