Room And AV Setup For Arty's Presentations

For her presentations, Arty needs:

  • Wireless clip-on microphone
  • A video projection system (such as an InFocus projector), and associated sound system, with the ability for Arty to hook up her own laptop computer. Arty will use a hand held remote to run through the multi-media presentation. She must be within 50 feet of the laptop for the remote to function.
  • The largest projection screen available
  • A raised platform high enough to give audience members a clear, unobstructed view.
  • Small table (about the size of a card table)

The right room set up and audio visual equipment are an essential part in providing the ultimate benefit for your audience. After years of speaking before thousands of audiences, Arty has some suggestions for room set up that will enhance positive, enthusiastic audience responses. Please look at the list below and let us know if you have any questions. Arty is flexible and will work with you and your technicians to maximize the effectiveness of your platform. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

  1. Keep the front row as close to the stage as possible approximately six feet is ideal.
  2. Don't overset the room. If you expect 500 people to attend, set the room for 500, not 550 or 600. Audiences tend to respond better and value the message more when there is a "full house" than when there are large empty spots throughout the audience and an empty front row.
  3. Where possible, don't use a white screen as the backdrop.
  4. If you set up theatre-style seating, don't use a center aisle that's prime viewing space! Instead, use two smaller aisles on either side of the center.
  5. If the room is rectangular, set the stage area in the middle of the long wall - not on the short end. It's better to have an audience wide than deep. However, be sure that everyone will be able to see the screen in an extremely long narrow room, sometimes the people in the front at the extreme right and left can't see the screen.
  6. Stagger the chairs. Don't put one chair directly behind the other. If you stagger each row, audience members won't have someone's head right in front of them to block the view. Also, make sure there is 1"-2" between each chair. Chairs that lock together should have spacers (or don't lock them).
  7. A bright stage will help keep the audience focus at the front of the room. If the room has spotlights, please aim them for a general wash of the front of the stage. People are more alert in brightness, so keep the house lights on full. Dim the lighting on the projection screen.
  8. Close the doors to the meeting room, ask servers to stop serving, and do whatever else you can do to diminish distractions from Arty's message
  9. Ask attendees to turn off pagers, cell-phones, and other alarms before Arty is introduced.